Announcement: Chromophobia Anthology

I hope everyone had a happy Holiday Season and that you’re all staying safe (or as safe as possible) this New Year’s. Here’s hoping 2022 gives us all less stress!

I’m incredibly excited to announce that my short story “Burn the Witch (Red)”, a gender-swapped, colorful and terrifying retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, has been selected to appear in the upcoming horror anthology CHROMOPHOBIA. This anthology, published by Rooster Republic Press/Strangehouse Books and edited by Stoker-award winning author Sara Tantliniger, will feature all the best women in horror, and includes many spine-chilling stories, all drenched in color.

I have synesthesia (if you know me, you’ve heard me talk about it endlessly), and I’ve always been obsessed with colors and color schemes, a trait I’ve passed onto my kid (he owns a huge pantone book that he just browses for fun)! I wrote this short story several years ago, inspired by the colors red and green, and by one of my favorite songs by the band QOTSA. I’m so glad this spooky little fantasy story has found a home and I can’t wait for you to read it!

And just LOOK at that cover!

I mean, it’s all the things I like, right there.

Pre-orders for the limited edition (trust me, you want it) hard cover are live now, and if you’re more of a paperback kinda person, the official book release is Halloween of 2022. Find out more about CHROMOPHOBIA, including the amazing cover, pre-order details and the full list of authors, here.

I’ve got quite a few writerly things coming up in the next month or two, including the release of The Wolfden (sequel to Dead Rockstar), which is out on “Two’sday” 2/22/22! Click the link to pre-order if you just can’t wait! Also on the docket are a couple of podcast appearances, a byline, and some other fun things! Watch this space or follow me on social media to keep up!

Happy January!

By lillahlawson

Author of Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree (Regal House, 2019), the Dead Rockstar Trilogy (Parliament House, 2020-24), So Long, Bobby (2023) and Tomorrow & Tomorrow with Lauren Emily Whalen (2023). Georgia Author of the Year Nominee. Horror Writer's Association Member. Historian, Newspaper Columnist, Library Board Secretary, Genealogist.

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