A Last Blood Benediction: Anne Rice, Type O Negative, and Religious Imagery in Vampire Lore

Pop Culture and Theology

By Lillah Lawson

Many have explored the relationship between vampires and Christianity – scratch the surface of any well-written piece of vampire fiction, from Dracula to The Vampire Chronicles, from Salem’s Lotto Twilight, and you’ll find no shortage of vampiric characters bemoaning the fact that they are damned by God, drinking blood as an act of sacrament, and drawing parallels between themselves and angels (fallen or otherwise). And fans have been drinking it up, as it were, for centuries.

For my part, I’ve been devouring vampire fiction since the tender age of 12, when I first picked up Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire from my local Target with my weekly allowance. Wide-eyed, I sat down to thumb through the first few pages, and found myself transfixed, immediately drawn into a world that was somehow medieval and distinctly modern at the same time, immeasurably beautiful and grotesque all at once…

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By lillahlawson

Author of Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree (Regal House, 2019), the Dead Rockstar Trilogy (Parliament House, 2020-24), So Long, Bobby (2023) and Tomorrow & Tomorrow with Lauren Emily Whalen (2023). Georgia Author of the Year Nominee. Horror Writer's Association Member. Historian, Newspaper Columnist, Library Board Secretary, Genealogist.

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