A 2020 Georgia Author of the Year Nominee for Literary Fiction

Set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree is a love story to Georgia and the spirit of its people—a story of family, unconditional love, poverty, injustice and finding the strength inside to keep on going when all is lost.

Dead Rockstar

After unearthing a cryptic set of lines from a dusty album cover, Stormy tries the impossible: to resurrect Phillip Deville, enigmatic former frontman of the Bloomer Demons. Stormy’s love for her favorite dead rockstar knows no bounds…but it was all supposed to be a joke. 
When she answers a knock on her door the next day and finds herself face to face with the dark-haired rock god of her every teenage fantasy, her entire world is turned upside down.

Sequel available for pre-order SOON!

Shiver: A Chilling Horror Anthology

Grab a cozy blanket, pour some bourbon in your hot chocolate, and gather around the fireplace. It’s about to get chilly! This un-brrr-lievable anthology presents 30 spooky stories exploring the depths of madness and terror unique to the cold. Whether it’s a chilling twist on the final girl trope, a mysterious Japanese spirit knocking on a cabin door, or something sinister born out of urine soaked snow, this frigid collection is packed with tales that will send a shiver down your spine. Get ready. A blizzard is coming.

The Wolfden

Heartbroken because her reanimated boyfriend Phillip refuses to take her calls and confused by her newfound powers, Stormy returns to work in an attempt to find her new normal. But people are going missing, and Stormy’s unique abilities mean she’s the only one who might be able to bring them home.

Following a trail of mystery and danger, Stormy lands among a motley crew of rough-housers. Will they help her solve the mystery of the missing people? Will Stormy realize her true power or succumb to her fractured heart? If all that weren’t enough, now she’s got to dig up painful, buried memories. The more she remembers, the stronger a new villain’s power grows.

To defeat him, a price must be paid…one that may cost Stormy everything.


A color-based horror anthology, edited by Sarah Tantlinger and published by Red Rooster Press.

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So Long, Bobby

Out February 2023 from Sword & Silk Books!

Three generations of women face hardship and upheaval in the decades we wistfully remember – times of political upheaval, heartfelt music, and steadfast dreams. It is a story about how inherited trauma can break down whole families, how addiction can destroy, how not living your truth can sink you in despair…but how hope can always carry you back into the light.

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