Welcome! I’m Lillah (pronounced like “Lillie”, but with an “uh” on the end) and I’m a wordspinner, author of novels, and self-proclaimed nerdgoth.


Historical fiction is my wheelhouse, but I also write literary fiction and speculative fiction/fantasy. Who says you have to stick to one genre? Bah! I also dabble in poetry, essays and other mediums – to quote my soul sister April Ludgate, “Whatever. I don’t believe in labels.”

My debut novel Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree was released in September of last year – the novel, a work of historical fiction/southern gothic, can be found via my publisher, Regal House Publishing, as well as  through the usual suspects: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and everywhere else you find books, including my local bookstore, Avid Bookshop. Find out more about Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree here.

My second novel, a work of speculative fiction entitled deadrockstar, will be released by Parliament House Press in November of this year. It’s sequel, the wolfden, is TBA. Find out more about deadrockstar here.

I’m currently working on a number of other projects, including editing an already-finished historical fiction novel that takes place in the late 1960s, and am in the planning stages for a work of fiction that will marry my love of histfic and spec fic, taking place in the ancient world of the Goths and Merovingians. Stay tuned!

I’m also the author of two self-published novels, titled Aroha, and it’s sequel, Ka Kite. You may’ve read these already, or perhaps you’re looking to read them and wondering why you can’t find them. I’ve temporarily removed them from online channels as I feel, several years on, that they need some revising and rewrites. I do plan to work on these titles and re-release them at some stage, so never fear – the dreamy Hemi Morrison will be back on the written page soon enough!

Reader, I must confess that I’m a fairweather blogger. I go through stages where I post A LOT…and then I’ll go through long periods where I seemingly have nothing to say, preferring to let the work speak for me. It has always been this way. Blame my brain.

Stuff I like: Books (Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Anne Rice, Diana Gabaldon, Alice Walker, the classics, anything political, thrillers written by women and everything in between), Music (goth, metal, new wave, classic rock, grunge, classical, 1930s jazz, appalachian folk music, and all the David Bowie), ensemble comedy tv (Golden Girls, Parks and Rec, Schitt’s Creek), vampires (non-sparkly), vintage clothes, the Royals (team Harry and Meghan), Halloween all year round, black and green, classic horror movies, animal videos, witchy stuff, historical deep-dives, CAKE, space stuff. I collect buttons and anything with Snoopy.

Outside of writing, my days are spent playing bass badly, cycling, hiking, baking, reading everything I can get my hands on, zoning out to music all day every day, doing genealogy, taking care of a precocious pre-teen and hanging out with my metal-band playing husband. I live in a literal log-cabin at the bottom of a foggy hollow, which is very on brand for me. I also have two fuzzy beasts who are both named after literary characters.

Find me on the social medias. Links below! Check out my books, follow my progress, and consider leaving me a review on Goodreads! You know you want to!

I hope you’ll stay awhile! It’s dark and stormy here, so pull up your favorite snuggly blanket and grab that cup of tea. The candles are lit for you to read by.