Cover Reveal: The Wolfden!

Today’s the day, folks! Time to unveil the amazing, hot and steamy cover for my upcoming release, Dead Rockstar #2, The Wolfden!

How absolutely GORGEOUS is this cover, y’all? Look at the beautiful Phillip Deville, your favorite book boyfriend and rock god extraordinaire!

I am pleased as punch to announce that this title is already available for pre-order at the Parliament House Press site, so shoot on over there and snag you a copy to ensure you get it on release day!

The Wolfden at Parliament House Press

Here’s what it’s about, for those who just can’t wait for the juicy details:

If Stormy Spooner thought she’d hit rock bottom before, she was wrong. Before she had fully healed from her bitter divorce, a chaotic turn of events left several people dead. Now, her reanimated boyfriend Phillip refuses to take her calls. Heartbroken and confused by her newfound powers, Stormy returns to work in an attempt to find her new normal.

When Roberta—the woman who broke up her marriage—turns up at her job, Stormy wants nothing more than to make her disappear. But Roberta comes seeking help only Stormy can provide: People are going missing, and Stormy’s unique abilities mean she’s the only one who might be able to bring them home.

Following a trail of mystery and danger, Stormy lands among a motley crew of rough-housers. Will they help her solve the mystery of the missing people? Will Stormy realize her true power or succumb to her fractured heart? If all that weren’t enough, now she’s got to dig up painful, buried memories. The more she remembers, the stronger a new villain's power grows. 

To defeat him, a price must be that may cost Stormy everything.

You can also add this title on Goodreads! I can’t wait for this release and I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed Dead Rockstar!