Ka Kite: An Announcement!


So…I did warn y’all, didn’t I? I’m terrible about keeping up with blogs. Just terrible.

I do have an excuse, though…I’ve been writing and researching and revising my little butt off for the past few weeks. For some reason, my brain doesn’t work on an even keel when it comes to writing – I can’t just, say, write a novel, edit it, publish it and move onto the next thing. No, I have to write a novel, immediately start writing a set of short stories, stop those midway through to start researching a new novel, get halfway through the research, pause to go back to the finished novel, start editing it, and then lose interest in everything for a week to watch Outlander and Game of Thrones, then start back at point A…

Basically, I am one giant fail as a writer. But hey, at least I’m working, right? Even if there is no method to my madness whatsoever. I’m a proud pantser for life.

Somehow despite my chaotic working style, I have managed to finish my latest novel. Many of you know that it’s a sequel to Arohawhich was released last year. It is entitled Ka Kite (pronounced “Kah – Kitay” with a soft ‘t’ – check it out here) and follows up on the lives of Miranda, Hemi and the other minor characters that we left behind in Aroha. It is set to be published on June 24th of this year. That’s right – in a little over a month!

Many of you have asked me to please, please, PLEASE tell what happens to our beloved Hemi Morrison, and I am happy to finally oblige (I can’t tell you how chuffed it makes me that people love Hemi so much. I know how you feel, believe me). You’ll be happy to learn that our handsome-as-the-dickens, guitar playing, bone-carving leading man will feature prominently in the next book – but that’s all I’m saying!

I will share more about Ka Kite, maybe even an excerpt or two, in the weeks coming up to the release, and will have a countdown and giveaway as well! Keep a check on this blog, or follow me on social media (see the links over to the left, there) to keep updated on any happenings.

This book has been something else. I wrote the bulk of the first draft for my 2015 NaNoWriMo, but it’s been a slog getting through the editing. Like Aroha, it’s been a labor of love, a deeply personal and sometimes nerve-wracking journey. I’m proud of it.

And in case you’re wondering what the story is with that stingray at the top of the page…if whales were the spirit guide of Aroha,  stingrays are the spirit guide of Ka Kite. I fully blame my muse for my bad crayon art. I also just really like stingrays. If you ever have a chance to swim with one, do it. They are as soft as velvet and surprisingly playful.

Happy reading! I look forward to sharing more about Ka Kite with you soon!




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